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Professional Practice

As a nurse, you may face challenges that impact your ability to provide safe, appropriate and ethical care to clients. Nursing term papers that explore a nurses use professional judgment, ethical decision making and work with others to promote care consistent with the standards of the profession. read more

Nursing and Care Theory

Nursing term papers on the importance of nursing theory to the practice and professionalism of nursing. It then looks at the Novice to Expert theory of Patricia Benner can both substantiate and inform the Self-Care theory of Dorothy Orem, Madeleine Leininger, and others. read more

Nursing Education

Term papers on nursing education and its significance for nursing practice including the importance of advanced education in the nursing profession. Reviews the changes which have occurred in the health care environment which necessitate advanced education. read more

Nurse Practioners

Nursing term papers which discusses many of the aspects involved in the profession of nurse practitioner. Topics include education require, responsibilities of the nurse practitioner and how such elicits particular attitudes from other medical professionals, pediatrics as it relates to the nurse pr... read more

Nursing Leadership

What identifies an effective nurse leader; nursing term papers that discus several points of leadership theory as it applies to nursing; and ends with the writer comparing her own nursing leadership skills to those of the identified effective leader. The identified leader holds a vice president posi... read more

Betty Neuman

Such prominent individuals as Betty Neuman put forth nursing theories that effectively address the intrinsic four paradigms: nursing, health, person and environment. When one considers the aspects of axiology, ontology, teleology and epistomology as they are used in nursing practice today, one can e... read more

Ethnic health disparities

Essay and Term paper that discus issues associated with racial and ethnic health disparities, access to health care and its effect on patient outcomes, and the emphasizes the role culture can have in creating disparities in health care. Female genital mutilation, obstetric care and other cultural re... read more

Evidence-based Practice

Nursing term papers on evidence-based nursing. A copect that calls for abandoning closely-held, longstanding attitudes toward many of the duties of nursing. There are problems with making that shift, however, not the least of which is the time required to search and study current literature. Nursing... read more

Nursing Informatics

Term papers on nursing informatics; the science and practice integrates nursing, its information and knowledge and their management with information and communication technologies to promote the health of people, families and communities worldwide and the appropriate use of information and communica... read more

General Nursing Topics

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