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DESCRIPTION: Nursing term papers which discusses many of the aspects involved in the profession of nurse practitioner. Topics include education require, responsibilities of the nurse practitioner and how such elicits particular attitudes from other medical professionals, pediatrics as it relates to the nurse practitioner and the role that nurse practitioners play in the medical community.

Texas Physicians and Nurse Practitioners »

Number of Pages: 9

This 9-page paper examines the relationship between advanced practice nurses and physicians in Texas. The essay discusses the attitudes of physicians toward APNs, and explores legislation passed that provides somewhat more freedom for APNs to define the scope of their duties. Also included in the paper are examples of how successful APN/MD relationships work. Bibliography ...

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Autonomy of Nurse Practitioners »

Number of Pages: 5

A 5 page paper discussing the AMA's complaints of nurse practioners not having enough direct supervision by MDs and the nursing profession's response. The uncertainty in the health care industry has not spared physicians. After more than a century of preserving image, they face a shift away from themselves as the "most equal" component of the health ...

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Cultural Mores and Nursing »

Number of Pages: 13

This paper examines the need for nurse practioners to consider the cultural mores of the patients whom they treat. The paper uses, as a jumping of point, the case study involving creation of a women's care center on a Native American reservation, then uses other sources to support the thesis. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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