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Forensic Nursing


The Importance of Forensic Nursing »

Number of Pages: 3

This 3 page paper provides a definition of forensic nursing, its importance in the field, the roles a forensic nurse might assume and some of the many venues in which forensic nursing is practiced. Comments about training are included. The writer then comments on the compatibility of the Neuman Systems model and forensic nursing. ...

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Developments In Forensic Nursing »

Number of Pages: 6

A 6 page paper defining forensic nursing, examining its origins and commenting on its likely future. Forensic nursing requires that nurses observe abnormalities and investigate their possible causes for the purpose of identifying either an abuse or an abuser. The paper mentions the theory of Nightingale and Betty Neuman in terms of comforting ...

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Family Violence and Nursing Intervention »

Number of Pages: 9

A 9 page paper discussing issues affecting nurses’ ability to intervene in domestic violence issues. As those who are trained in physical needs and spend the greatest amount of time in direct contact with patients, nurses occupy perhaps the best associated position from which to intervene in domestic violence. There are barriers of ...

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