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The Neuman Systems Model


Neuman and Rogers Systems Model Application »

Number of Pages: 6

A 6 page paper discussing the Neuman and Rogers systems models of nursing, evaluating each and determining which would be most appropriate for a specific case. Many of today’s commonly-used theories are quite similar in their form, differing in only a few distinct points. This is the case with the theories of Neuman ...

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The Importance of Forensic Nursing »

Number of Pages: 3

This 3 page paper provides a definition of forensic nursing, its importance in the field, the roles a forensic nurse might assume and some of the many venues in which forensic nursing is practiced. Comments about training are included. The writer then comments on the compatibility of the Neuman Systems model and forensic nursing. ...

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Nursing and Employment Satisfaction »

Number of Pages: 8

An 8 page paper addressing the problem of stress and job satisfaction in the nursing profession. The paper includes a literature review and a proposed intervention that ultimately is taken over by the nurses themselves. A facilitator initiates the intervention and conducts a two-hour training overview, but then the nurses themselves meet later ...

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Neuman Systems Model »

Number of Pages: 12

A 12 page research paper that examines this model. Nursing theorist Betty Neuman’s Systems Model Theory is one of the most widely utilized model of nursing being used today. This critique of Neuman’s model draws on literature in order to offer an extensive overview of its theoretical structure and its subsequent utility in regards ...

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