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Nursing and the Homeless


Homeless and Nursing »

Number of Pages: 7

A 7 page paper arguing that the lack of access to health care for the homeless and poor is often the fault of health care professionals. Using national studies that show the impact that the lack of health care has on homeless populations, the writer attempts to connect this discrepancy with attitudes of hospital ...

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Homeless Patients and a Nurse's Role »

Number of Pages: 5

A 5 page paper which discusses the role of the nurse in relationship to homeless patients. Issues which discuss who the homeless are, where they live, what they suffer from, and where they can obtain care are discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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Homeless and Nursing II »

Number of Pages: 7

A 7 page paper that presents the difficulties with providing services to homeless populations and the response within the nursing community. The writer provides an informed study of reactions within the nursing community to the increasing problem of providing health care for the indigent. Some positive solutions towards developing more compassionate care plans are ...

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