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DESCRIPTION: As a nurse, you may face challenges that impact your ability to provide safe, appropriate and ethical care to clients. Nursing term papers that explore a nurses use professional judgment, ethical decision making and work with others to promote care consistent with the standards of the profession.

Professional Practice and Research Interview Summary »

Number of Pages: 5

This 5 page paper discusses the problem with inmplememting nursing and medical changes in the workplace setting. Paper is a sample interview/survey paper where the three nurses interviewed are employed by a correctional facility. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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Nursing Philosophy for Professional Practice »

Number of Pages: 7

A 7 page research paper that discusses a student-formulated professional philosophy of nursing practice, which is that making clinical judgment decisions in nursing care should be comfort based and founded on an understanding and knowledge of the patient’s continuous evolving physical and mental state. This examination of literature discusses how this philosophy can be ...

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Professional Practice and Nursing Philosophy »

Number of Pages: 5

A 5 page research paper. A nurse's philosophical outlook on the profession necessarily impacts the manner in which that individual acts on a day-to-day basis. Basically, philosophy supports professionalism by providing a strong foundation for practice. The following discussion of nursing philosophy and practice demonstrates how these two aspects of nursing practice are related, focusing ...

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