Family Nursing: Cultural Assessment

A 6 page paper discussing the case of an unmarried mother whose first baby has died of complications of birth defects. The mother is Caucasian, and the culture being assessed is that of poverty rather than of any specific ethnic group. The paper suggests that the family practice nurse encourage psychological counseling ostensibly for the purpose of working through the grief of her loss, allowing the counselor to broach other issues. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Margaret Sanger

3 pages in length. A true pioneer in the nursing field as well as a social reformer, Margaret Sanger upholds what some believe to be the dubious legacy of introducing birth control for the sole purpose of giving women a choice when it comes to their own bodies. Her nursing career was the catalyst for what ultimately became her life's work educating about and supplying birth control devices after watching with a heavy heart how not only patients but her own mother suffered under the physical and emotional toll of having many children; at a time in history when women were only just beginning to have a social voice, Sanger's contribution to nursing was both courageous and timely. She may have met with opposition every step of the way, but Sanger stood strong in her conviction so that women of today have a choice whether to birth babies or not. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Intervention in Pre and Post Natal Care

This 16 page paper considers the way that intervention nursing in the community may be used to reduce the infant mortality rate and increase birth weights of new born babies in African American families. The paper considers the background and explains how home visits need to be instigated so that they do add value to the medical processes and increase the medical provision in tangible terms. The bibliography cites 25 sources.

Preterm Labor Treatment

A 5 page paper discussing preterm labor. Preterm labor and births still account for more than 75 percent of infant morbidity. Despite more than four decades of research, medical scientists have not been able to reduce the rate of preterm labor. Technological advances, have, however, increased the survival rate of premature infants. This essay discusses treatment interventions for preterm labor and concludes with the importance of the OB nurse who provides TLC to the patient. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

The Art and Profession of Midwifery -- the Nurse’s View

This 6 page report discusses one of the oldest health care professions -- that of being a midwife. Midwives specialize in women giving birth. In countless circumstances, midwives are able to provide the specialized and personal services that the typical gynecologist-obstetrician M.D. could only provide if she or he had a truly limited medical practice. More often than not, the average midwife provides the average pregnant woman with the services she most wants and needs -- competence and personal interaction and understanding. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Article Review/Presence of Nurse during Childbirth

A 5 page article review that summarizes the principal points of a research study, offering analysis. Research pertaining to childbirth and the significance that this life events has for women supports the pivotal role that nursing support plays in the birth experience. Exploring this topic, the study designed by MacKinnon, McIntyre, and Quance (2005) investigated the what it meant to a study group of Canadian women to have a nurse present during labor and childbirth. These researchers decided to approach the issue of a nurse's role during labor from a previously unexplored perspective and focused on the meaning attributed to nursing presence. This examination of this study explores the parameters of this research and its relevance to nursing practice. No additional sources cited.