Professional Development Plan

This 5 page research paper pertains to the professional development plan of a nurse who is about to assume the role of Director of Cardiovascular Services and Acute Care. Her short-term and long-term plans are described, as well as the factors that will affect her long-term development. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Nursing Care Plans in Long Term Care Settings

A 6 page paper discussing the form, advantages and disadvantages a nursing concept. The nursing concept discussed here is the care plan, specifically as it applies to long term care. Planning long term or nursing home care always has been a priority for the best such facilities providing that type of patient care, but it receives even greater as the population ages. Such plans incorporate legal requirements and the wishes of patients and their families, with the effect of reducing uncertainty of action. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Long Term & Short Term Goals in a Nursing

A 4 page research paper that offers a student guidance in discussing her short term and long term goals. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Philosophy of Nursing and Future Plans

An 8 page research paper/essay that offers a guide to a student, using tutorial language, that provides a guide to writing a personal philosophy of nursing and then turns its focus to the crucial role that obtaining a Bachelor's degree in nursing science can play in a nursing career before closing with a discussion of author's short-term and long-term professional goals, which includes becoming a trauma nurse practitioner. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Postoperative Nursing Diagnoses

A 7 page paper listing potential problems that a specific patient could develop following surgery, then examining three of those potential problems in detail. For each of the three, the paper presents both short- and long-term outcomes (acute and home settings) and three appropriate nursing interventions for each. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Diabetes Education: Program Proposal

A 6 page paper discussing the rationale for a program educating practicing nurses in advancements in knowledge of diabetes management. Though the long term effects of diabetes have been known for years, its specific causes still remain elusive in many respects. There is no cure as yet, but new and effective management techniques continue to emerge. The purpose here is to propose and describe an educational program equipping practicing nurses to put research into practice and improve their diabetic patients’ quality of life. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Short Term Interventions/Depression

A 9 page research paper that discusses assessment and implementation of short-term nursing interventions with clients suffering from depression. The writer looks, first of all, at the nature of the assessment process and then discusses short-term intervention options, focusing on CBT, as well as offering a case study. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

An 8 page research paper on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The writer describes the disorder, the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria, treatment options, and a nursing plan for intervention in a case study. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Directors Of Nursing: Long-Term Care Facilities

A 5 page paper. There are many issues facing the nursing profession today. This essay explores one - long term care and specifically, directors of nursing of long term care facilities. As the proportion of the American population of elderly continues to rise each year, the need for long-term care facilities becomes more and more crucial. Given the political environment, directors of nursing in these facilities face a myriad of challenges and need a myriad of skills. The writer discusses the challenges and the skills needed. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Nursing Case Management of the Stroke Patient

An 8 page review of the numerous issues confronting a stroke victim in terms of long-term care. This paper sums up the shortcomings of our current health care system in terms of providing those needs. The author emphasizes that case managers should be involved not just in the immediate needs of a particular patient, however, but also in the political and societal framework that affects the address of those needs for all patients. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Care for the Elderly / At Home vs. Nursing Home

An 7 page overview of health care options for the elderly. Evaluates the need for long-term care and the factors which went into creating this need and identifies home health care as being advantageous in many respects over health care provided in residential nursing homes. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Bipolar Disorder

A 10 page research paper that discusses bipolar disorder Examination of literature on this topic indicates some of what has been learned in treating bipolar disorder, and this information suggests conclusions as to how nurses can improve their practice and care of these patients. The writer offers a summary of four relevant studies. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Gibbs Cycle Analysis of Constipation in the Elderly

A 3 page paper assessing an interview with a long term care nurse revealing non-drug interventions to relieve constipation in the elderly, assess using Gibbs model of reflection. The paper includes four interview questions. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Putting Kolcaba's Theory of Comfort in Practice

A 7 page paper examining Kolcaba's theory of nursing and how to put it into practice. Many of the technological advances in medicine and nursing have focused far more on processes and outcome benefits than on the comfort of the patient. Kolcaba (2008) holds that greater comfort translates to greater attention to the health-seeking behaviors (HSBs) that can enhance long-term health and wellbeing. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Nursing Home Care

8 pages on nursing home care, the options available in selecting a long-term care facility, what to look for in choosing a nursing home, and some of the key specialty features that some nursing homes are known to offer (i.e., color-coded hallways, personal privacy, and even option for exercise). Also examined are recommended ways for making a "smooth transition" into a nursing home. Bibliography lists 4 sources.