Women's Mental Health/Depression

An 11 page research paper that offers discusses depression and women, offering an analysis of literature that examines both physical and social issues associated with women and depression and then discusses implications for nursing practice. Paper includes 10 pages of text and 1 appendix. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Depression: case study

A case study which involves setting out a care plan for a bereaved woman suffering from depression, including delineating the kind of nursing interventions which might be appropriate, their outcomes, and the etiologies of the depression. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

Proposed Self-Esteem Model / Nursing

A 14 page proposition for a self-esteem assessment tool for the nursing profession. The writer extrapolates a definition of self-esteem for the nursing profession and based upon reviewed literature and Mosby's definition, then generates a testing model from the definition. The writer then compares the model in terms of contrary, related and borderline literature for potential problems with the model. Bibliography lists 17 sources.

Metaparadigm of Nursing

A 4 page research paper that explores and discusses the basic metaparadigm of nursing practice, which encompasses the concepts of person, environment, health and nursing. The writer provides personal definitions of these terms and then discusses how scholarly opinion broadens these definitions. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Definition of Nursing Professional

This 9 page research paper offers an extensive discussion of the nature of nursing, its definition and what this discipline a profession. The writer also offer suggestions to the student for drawing on personal background and in composing the student's personal philosophy. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Exploring Nursing Metaparadigms

An 8 page research paper that examines the four metaparadigms of nursing, person, health, nursing and environment. This examination of these concepts, first of all, discusses the personal view of the writer regarding these fundamental categories. Then, these personal definitions are examined from the perspective of the simultaneity and totality perspectives, as outlined by Parse (1987). Next, the nursing metaparadigms are examined from theoretical perspective proposed by Madeleine Leininger and then, based on this information, personal definitions of these concepts are then reexamined. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Reminiscence Therapy Intervention

An 8 page paper discussing a method of reducing depression among older individuals through encouraging them to revisit the past and conduct a life review. The concept of reminiscence therapy seems rather simplistic, but its simplicity may be one factor that makes it so effective. Research and observation both conclude that reminiscing effects positive change in depressive status among seniors. Nurses choosing it as an intervention can benefit from it as well. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

Phenomenology and a Model of Care for Elderly

This 4 page research paper has 2 sections. The first section is a 1 page summary that describes a study by Eggenberger and Nelms (2007) that uses a phenomological approach, and the second section is 3 pages that describe an intervention to prevent depression among elderly nursing home residents. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Short Term Interventions/Depression

A 9 page research paper that discusses assessment and implementation of short-term nursing interventions with clients suffering from depression. The writer looks, first of all, at the nature of the assessment process and then discusses short-term intervention options, focusing on CBT, as well as offering a case study. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Nursing; Engaging, Development and Disengaging From a Therapeutic Relationship

This 8 page paper uses Gibb’s model of reflective learning to examine the treatment of a mental health patient suffering from depression. The paper has a description of the events, looks at the feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan considering what would be done differently in the future. The bibliography cites 9 sources.

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy: Chronic Pain And Depression

A 6 page paper that incorporates and introduction, problem statement, purpose of study, literature review, independent and dependent variables, hypothesis and implications for nursing. The paper identifies the two types of RSD, describes and explains what reflex sympathetic dystrophy is, its incidence, some of the causes and the effects and the correlation between chronic pain and depression. Statistical data included. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Nursing a Patient with Depression

This 18 page paper considers the way in which a patient with depression in nursed. The paper is written with reference to a fictitious practice experience, considering the use of application of knowledge (both art and science) which is used by the nurse to nurse to assess, plan, and implement patient care. The paper considers the underling medical knowledge and how this is observed, the presence of influences such as stress and outlines a suitable nursing model that would be appropriate for the treatment of this patient. The bibliography cites 15 sources.

DNP Project, Title, Premise, Design

This 5 page paper outlines components that will be utilized by a student in a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) project. This paper presents the title of the project, its premise and design. The project concerns an intervention for depression among adolescents that utilizes a computer game. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Prescribing

A 10 page paper. Authorizing Advanced Practice Registered Nurses to diagnose and prescribe medications has been an issue of contention for many years. This position paper focuses on the state of Virginia and provides a definition and explanation of the issue, ethics regarding the issue, consequences if something is not changed, barriers, possible conflicts of interest, and a call to action. Data are included. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Issues in Theoretical Foundations for Nursing

This 6 page research paper addresses a variety of issues in regards to the theoretical foundation of nursing. Topics covered include the definition of emancipatory knowledge and praxis, differentiating between science and philosophy, strategies for transformational leadership, among other issues. Bibliography lists 7 sources.