Journal Article # 3 / 'An Exploratory Study of Recipients' Perceptions of Bone Marrow Transplantation'

In 3 pages, the writer analyzes an article from the Journal of Advanced Nursing which seeks to investigate patient response to their own experiences with bone marrow transplant (BMT) well after the actual surgery and its recovery period.

Integrating Nursing Theory into Practice

A 20 page paper discussing reflections of a nurse working in bone marrow transplant. The paper discusses the qualities that are unique to this department and to the patients within it, and relates several nursing theories to the area. Those of Neuman, King and Rogers are seen as being most applicable and useful here. The nurse as compassionate educator holds a position that can be a source of encouragement for these patients dealing with sudden, unexpected and unwanted surprises in their lives. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Living Organ Donors/A Nursing Perspective

A 3 page research paper that looks at this issue. Nursing practice, in regards to transplant medicine, involves numerous potential problems. Not only does the nurse have to be aware of possible medical complications for both the recipient and the donor in cases where a relative donates living tissue, but the entire subject of live organ donation is potentially troublesome due to ethnical considerations. This is particularly true when the donor is the child of the intended recipient; however, ethical consideration should always be scrutinized in such cases. The writer examines a case study and discusses ethics. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Nursing Research Article Review

A 7 page paper analyzing “Social role quality, physical health, and psychological well-being in women after heart surgery,” written by Plach and Heidrich (2002) and published in "Research in Nursing and Health." This is a qualitative study aimed at discovering attitudes and perceptions among women who have had heart surgery, and the analysis includes all aspects of the study. Bibliography lists 1 source.

State of Science, Nursing Ethics

A 22 page research paper that examines the state of the science of nursing ethics. This investigation endeavors to offer a broad, exploratory overview of how professional nursing is addressing the numerous ethical challenges that characterize modern healthcare systems. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Hospitalization Of Nursing Home Residents - Article Review

A 7 page paper that reviews a journal article entitled Hospitalization of Nursing Home Residents: A Qualitative Study by Kutner and colleagues. Specific questions are addressed, including: problem studied, purpose of study, research method, sample population, data collection and analysis, strengths and weaknesses and the implications of the study. This study considered the relationship between registered nurse/nursing home resident staffing ratio and hospitalizations of the residents. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Nursing: Taking Research to Practice

A 5 page paper providing the results of interviews with three nursing home nurses and their perceptions on why research findings are not more frequently put into active practice. Nurses of varying experience have found that research based on the acute care setting often is not relevant to nursing home practice. The paper recommends involving direct-care nurses in active discussion of current research and that administrators encourage them to conduct their own informal studies as incentives to bring more current research into active practice. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Nursing Informatics

A 3 page research paper that discusses the importance of nursing informatics, offering suggestions to the student on how the study of this topic may have altered the student's perceptions on this subject. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Nursing Interventions/Bone Cancer

An 8 page research paper that addresses a specific case scenario, which deal with nursing interventions for a 52-year-old woman who has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, which is metastasized to the left hip and involves the lymphatic system. She presents to the oncology nursing unit with severe bone pain in her left hip. She has already undergone external radiation therapy (palliative) and is suffering from severe nausea and vomiting. The patient and her family are having difficulty coping, both with the patient's current health status and with the terminal prognosis. This investigation examines three aspects of this patient's care and possible nursing interventions: bone pain; nausea and vomiting; and psychosocial interaction with the patient and her family in regards to coping. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Article Critique/Perceptions of Palliative Care

A 6 page article critique that summarizes and analyzes a study by Johnston and Smith (2006) on palliative care. After defining precisely what is meant by "palliative care," the researchers indicate that the purpose of their study is "to explore the perceptions of patients and nurses of palliative care" in order to more precisely define the "concept of the expert palliative nurse" (Johnston and Smith, 2006, p. 701). The various section of the research study are reviewed and the writer discusses the significance of the research findings. No additional sources cited.

Treating Osteoporosis

An 8 page research paper that discusses osteoporosis. This investigation of literature offers guidance and information that can be used to design a nursing management plan for a patient newly diagnosed with osteoporosis. The main goal of the proposed care plan is to address and reduce the potential impact of impaired mobility by reducing the risk of incurring a bone fracture. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Study Analysis

This 6 page analysis of a research article reports not the study undertaken by Seiler and Moss (2012). This qualitative study concerned nurse practitioner experience in addressing the needs of homeless clients. The writer describes all part of the study and its applicability and implications for nursing practice. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Review of "Don't Call Me Sweetie!"

A 6 page paper reviewing the report of an Australian study examining nurses' and patients' concept of nursing care. The researchers employed Q methodology, which combines qualitative and quantitative components to bring the study to conclusion. Much of the medical community still sees qualitative research as not being quite as "real" as quantitative study, and adding the quantitative component opens the study to being received by a wider range of individuals within the medical community. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Nursing Article Review

This 8 page paper is a critique of an article: Dahl, Julie, RN, CNP, MS & Penque, Sue, RN, CNP, MS. (2000, March). The Effects of an Advanced Practice Nurse – Directed Heart Failure Program published in The Nurse Practitioner. The writer comments on these issues: purpose and hypothesis of study, population included, appropriateness of data collection and analysis, variables related to the study and control of those variables, internal and external validity, the review of literature, the design of the study, the conclusions drawn, implications and importance of the study. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Research Studies on Obesity in Hispanic Teens

This 3 page research paper reports on 3 studies that focus on overweight/obesity in Hispanic teens and discusses the problem, purpose and results of each study, as well as the significance that the results hold for nursing. Bibliography lists 3 sources.