Jean Watson & Holistic Nursing

Jean Watson has played a major role in determining the link between nursing identity and holistic healing, and has supported the integration of a new vision of nursing process within the profession. This 5 page paper considers the role of Jean Watson in asserting a holistic model for nursing and then relates this vision to a philosophy on holistic care. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Nursing Theory: Travelbee and Watson

A 10 page overview of the nursing theories of Joyce Travelbee and Jean Watson. This paper emphasizes the holistic approach of both of these theories, comparing them to other nursing theories and, noting the importance of spiritual, culture, and psychosocial impacts on health. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

Watson’s Theory of Human Caring

This 5 page paper provides an overview of Watson's nursing prespectives. Nursing theorist Jean Watson developed her Theory of Human Caring in the late 1970s, as a result of Watson’s efforts to bring greater meaning to the health care process. This paper outlines this theory. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Jean Watson, Nursing Theorist

A 4 page research paper that discusses the career and philosophy of nursing theorist Jean Watson. The writer briefly discusses Dr. Watson's biography but then concentrates on discussing her Theory of Human Caring and its implications to nursing practice. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Nursing Theorist Jean Watson:

This 5 page paper examines the philosophies of Jean Watson and determines how that viewpoint may be applicable to the philosophy of a nursing student. More specifically, this paper highlights the importance of Watson's wholistic approach to nursing care. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Rogers & Watson

A 6 page paper discussing the two different nursing theories that are held by Martha Rogers and Jean Watson. These theories of nursing are based on the 4 major concepts of nurse theory, which are person, environment, health, and nursing. Each of the theories held by these women is presented and then is followed by a comparisona and contrast of each opinion. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Following Watson's Example/Personal Philosophy of Nursing

A 10 page research paper/essay that offers a guide for contrasting and comparing a student nurse's personal nursing philosophy to that of nursing theorist Jean Watson. The writer argues that each individual nurse brings personal perception to the act of interpreting Watson's theory. This interpretation is necessarily influenced by that nurse's personal history, knowledge level, and understanding. The purpose of this discussion of Watson's theory is to compare and contrast it with the personal nursing philosophy of a particular nursing student. The paradigms of person, environment, health and nursing are addressed. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

3 Nursing Theories Applicable to Geriatrics

This 6 page research paper examines the nursing theories of Florence Nightingale, Dorothea Orem and Jean Watson in order to discuss how they are applicable to nursing within a nursing home environment. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Caring in Nursing Theory

A 3 page research paper that discusses Dorothea Orem and Jean Watson, who are two nursing theorists who have both had a tremendous impact on contemporary nursing via their incorporation of the nursing core concept of caring within the framework of their nursing models of practice. This examination of these theories briefly summaries and analyzes each framework. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Holistic Nursing: Addressing the Need for Transcultural Nursing Approaches

This 5 page paper considers the need for transcultural nursing approaches within a holistic nursing model. This paper reflects upon the impacts of transcultural approaches and relates the premises of theorists like Watson, who make distinct links between the healing process and the way in which nurses and patients relate. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Nursing Theories

This 5 page paper presents the basic tenets of the theories of Watson and Leininger, arguing that Jean Watson and Madeleine Leininger are both nursing theorists who promoted caring through integration of diverse aspects of the patient's life. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Nursing As Art

In 1986 Jean Watson was Dean of the School of Nursing in Denver and Director of the Center for Human Caring. The two job titles provide a significant insight into how she views nursing. This 6 page paper examines the theory of nursing as an art within the context of the bio-pscho-social model and presents a scenario for an interview. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

Nursing Theories and the Application for the Assessment of a Child with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

This 10 page paper provides an overview of the application of nursing theories to a treatment plan for child with ALL. This paper considers the application of Watson’s holistic nursing approach and the integration towards patient assessment. In addition, elements of ALL, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, are also assessed. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Jean Watson: Implementing Nursing Theory

8 pages in length. One might not think that there would need to be a theory of caring in nursing, inasmuch as the entire foundation of the nursing profession is built upon nurturing. However, Jean Watson, PHD, RN, FAAN took this concept to an even deeper level when she established an environment where biomedical and human sciences in a unitary-transformative context avail the union of all caring-healing practices. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Watson Theory & Community Health

An 8 page research paper that examines the caring nursing theory of Jean Watson. The theory is first discussed and then the writer offers a literature review that shows how it is applicable to community health nursing. Bibliography lists 10 sources.