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How can I use this site to find nursing research papers on MY topic ?  NursingPapers.Com makes finding research EASY! Just click the "list of nursing papers" button anywhere on our site and browse through hundreds of reports covering ALL aspects of nursing and nursing studies! Be sure to also try our keyword search feature which looks through the text of our abstracts and locates pages containing nursing papers that match your particular query! Even if you can't find a paper on YOUR topic, NursingPapers.Com can STILL HELP YOU! Just choose the customized nursing papers option from our menu and tell us EXACTLY what you'd like us to compile information about... Getting assistance with your nursing research paper has never been easier!

Is this site only for nursing students ? While nursing students make up the vast majority of our customer base, ANY member of the general public is welcome to shop our site for research, reports, and general health information! Please keep in mind, however, that nursing students tend to seek very specific, scholarly information to cite in their own papers and thus, many of the reports listed here may seem a bit too academic and/or technical for laymen. We recommend reviewing our abstracts carefully and requesting a free, one page excerpt from any paper you're not 100% sure about. If you're not a genuine nursing student and are looking for more general health information, we recommend visiting either our "First Aid & General Safety" section (under 'List of Nursing Papers') OR checking out our sister site: HealthPapers.Net

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