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Nursing Fact 1

Undergraduate nursing students endure some of the most difficult (and competitive) college curriculum's of all and yet are compensated with far lower salaries than doctors, attorneys, and other astute professionals with similar rigorous training at the educational level..

Nursing Fact 2

Most learning institutions require that nursing students maintain higher grade point averages than their counterparts majoring in other disciplines.

Nursing Fact 3

It is possible to become an RN (Registered Nurse) after completing a 2 year, community college program at select schools.

Nursing Fact 4

As of the year 2018, the U.S. national average salary for Registered Nurses is $73,663. The mode is $60,000. (Health Care Salary Guide, nurse.com, 2018).

Nursing Fact 5

A There exists a reasonably strong demand today for LPNs and RNs - evidenced by the willingness of many healthcare institutions to offer considerably large "signing bonuses" for new nurses -- even when they're fresh out of school!

Nursing Fact 6

Approximately 85% of RNs work full time, 11% work part time and 4% work per diem. Men tend to work more hours per week than women on average (40 compared to 39). However, this increased number of hours worked did not statistically account for salary differences between gender alone. A total of 377 nurses worked a second position with an additional second salary of about $23,600. A total of 43 men and 334 women worked at a secondary nursing position. Women made more ($24,064) than men ($20,371) on average in those positions. (Health Care Salary Guide, nurse.com, 2018)

Nursing Fact 7

There exists some controversy within the field of nursing administration over whether to employ nurses in 8 hour or 12 hour shifts. Studies have found that job satisfaction can be optimized for 12 hour employees when their time is divided between specialty work (i.e., intensive care & emergency rooms) and more "lax," diversified tasks (Journal Of Nursing Management, 1991)

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