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Virginia Henderson/Neonatal Application

Number of Pages 5

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A 5 page essay that, first of all, addresses the parameters of the theoretical perspective on nursing that was developed by Virginia Henderson. The basic assumptions and major points of Henderson's theory are summarized, which includes briefly addressing how she perceives the four meta-paradigms of nursing (i.e., person, environment health and nursing). Then, a clinical application of this nursing theory is discussed. Specifically, the research conducted by Ahmed (2008), which describes a successful educational intervention that was undertaken with the mothers of pre-term infants in regards to breastfeeding, is described and then discussed in terms of Henderson's theory. This discussion demonstrates the utility and versatility of Henderson's theoretical perspective and why this theory is highly applicable to neonatal nursing. This paper also includes an abstract which is 117 words in length and included as part of the page count. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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