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Prostate Cancer: A Comparison of Incident Rates Between African American and Caucasian Men


The Difficult Problem of the Nursing Shortage »

Number of Pages: 5

A 6 page paper offering a letter of petition for publication, abstract and a short journal article discussing current efforts and future predictions of increase in the current nursing shortage. The current nursing shortage is expected only to intensify over the next generation. Though there are 126,000 hospital vacancies for RNs in late ...

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Nursing Field and the Growing Number of Unlicensed Workers »

Number of Pages: 3

3 pages in length. The nursing shortage of late has exacerbated an already limited healthcare workforce; that extra hands are a significant help even though they might not be accompanied by a licensed practitioner has long been at the forefront of ethical and legal concerns. While the American Nursing Association recognizes the inherent ...

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Number of Pages: 11

An 11 page research paper that includes a 1 page abstract. This paper offers a review of nursing literature that focuses on systems of nursing classification, with an emphasis on the classification system of nursing diagnoses known as NANDA. The history of this organization is summarizes, explaining how North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) ...

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U.S. Nursing Shortage »

Number of Pages: 4

A 4 page research paper that summarizes and discusses the nursing shortage in America. The current U.S. nursing shortage began in 1998 and resulted from a combination of social and economic factors, which included the “little growth in RN (registered nurse) wages, demographic changes in the RN workforce that decreased the supply of working RNs ...

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U.S. Civil War and Northern Women Historiography »

Number of Pages: 9

A 9 page research paper that discusses this topic. This area of historical study can be divided roughly into several categories, as there are books that detail the role of Northern women as nurses; abolitionists; spies; and as actual soldiers. The historiography of Northern women's involvement in the war is too vast to be addressed ...

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Faculty Shortages and Shortages in Nursing »

Number of Pages: 8

An 8 page research paper that discusses the nursing shortage and how it relates to a similar shortage of nursing educators. In order make-up for the tremendous nursing shortage that is evidence across the country, universities and colleges are offering a greater number of accelerated baccalaureate nursing programs, according to the American Association of Colleges ...

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Restraint Uses in Psychiatric Nursing »

Number of Pages: 4

A 4 page research paper that contrasts and compares position papers from the Internet sites of two psychiatric nursing organizations. The International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses (ISPN) and the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) both have position paper posted regarding the use of seclusion and restraint on psychiatric patients. The positions of these organizations ...

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