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The Benefits of Warming Treatment for Emergence From General Anesthesia


STDs and Plans of Health Promotion »

Number of Pages: 5

This is a 5 page paper discussing health promotion plan for STDs in small and large communities. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are a global as well as local concern for health care providers. In addition to guidelines and fact sheets about the prevalence, treatment and symptoms of STDs provided by the World Health Organization, national ...

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Issues, Problems, and Solutions Regarding Nursing Shortages »

Number of Pages: 12

This is a 12 page paper discussing the current nursing shortage issues and proposed solutions within the profession. The United States is currently undergoing a nursing shortage which is expected to continue until the year 2020. Reasons for the shortage have been reported as: an ageing nursing population; an ageing and decreasing nursing education population; ...

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Nursing Empowerment »

Number of Pages: 6

A 6 page paper discussing empowerment in nursing. True empowerment can enable nurses to provide much needed help and innovative thought to the field of health. A discussion of the basics of empowerment is detailed as it applies to the complicated industry of nursing, illustrating that it is a reality that requires participation by all individuals involved ...

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Nursing and Integrated Clinical Pathways »

Number of Pages: 10

This 10 page report discusses what an “integrated clinical pathway” is and the purposes associated with it Simply enough, a clinical pathway is precisely what the name suggests . . . a path to follow. It serves as a multi-disciplinary guideline in relationship to the treatment, prognosis, and outcomes a nursing team might expect to see regarding a particular patient’s ...

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Nursing Theory of Sr. Callister Roy »

Number of Pages: 10

10 pages in length. The application of nursing requires much more than merely administering drugs and treatments; rather, the overall concentration of nursing is based significantly more within the psychological components of the patient/caregiver relationship than most people realize. Such prominent individuals as Sr. Callister Roy put forth nursing theories that effectively addressed the ...

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Nursing Homes and Safety Programs »

Number of Pages: 28

A 28 page discussion of the importance of Safety Programs in Nursing Homes. Outlines the role of OSHA is nursing home safety issues and details specific components of nursing home Safety Plans including accident prevention and reporting procedures, general health concerns, and procedures for disease control. Emphasizes the role of training in ensuring a adequately carried out ...

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